Rhino Plastics imports the Plastika Kritis range of geomembranes, which include HDPE, LDPE, LLDPE, EVA & FPP flexible membrane liners.


Widths of up to 13m can be produced at 0,3mm thickness, up to 10m at 0,5mm, up to 8m at 0,75-1mm thickness, and up to 6m at 1,5-2mm thickness.


KRITIFLEX® geomembranes are black and contain 2,5% of a special carbon-black with a small particle size, ensuring fine dispersion in the polymer mass and the highest possible UV-resistance. They also contain a package of antioxidants for better thermal stability during manufacturing, welding and end use.


For specific applications, it is possible to produce geomembranes with different color or even different color on each side.


All geomembranes comply with international standards and specifications, such as GRI GM 13. They have been tested and approved by recognized laboratories. Rigorous quality control of every lot is carried at the company’s fully equipped laboratory.


Plastika Kritis manufactures all its carbon black, additive masterbatches and compounds inhouse, which ensures that the quality of the products is controlled to ensure optimum performance of the products produced.


Rhino Plastics does hold stock at times, however we generally order in as per customer requirements.




Product Range:


Highest tensile strength, impact strength, tear & puncture resistance. Very good ESCR (Environmental Stress Cracking Resistance) and the highest chemical resistance among polyolefin geomembranes.


Preferred choice in landfill lining, insulation of chemical plants, roads, petrol stations and mining due to its chemical resistance.


Roll sizes = Layflat 5.8m or 6m width at a thickness of 0.5mm – 2mm.

HDPE textured

Roughened surfaces in order to increase the friction angle in contact with soil or geosynthetic layers. This increase in friction helps keep cover soil or geosynthetic layers in place and improves the overall stability of the liner on steep slopes.


Our HDPE liners can be textured either on one side or on both sides.


Roll sizes = Layflat 5.8m or 6m width at a thickness of 0.5mm – 2mm.


Softer and more flexible than HDPE. They do not contain plasticizers and can exhibit excellent UV resistance.


Roll sizes can be produced at larger widths (up to 10m at 1.0 mm) which makes installation faster and more economic.


This material has the highest flexibility of all polyolefin liners and is often preferred as replacement of PVC membranes in pond-lining and metal tank lining.


Its softening point is lower to that of LLDPE and LDPE so it is not recommended to use it uncovered in warm climates.


Plastika Kritis produces various types of co-extruded EVA membranes, with Vinyl Acetate level between 8% and 14% (the higher the VA level the more elastic the membrane but the lower the softening point).


FPP geomembranes are manufactured from a resin which is a reactor alloy of ethylene–propylene rubber particles dispersed on a molecular level in a polypropylene matrix.


They offer high resistance in weathering/UV, puncture, tear, multiaxial strain at rupture, abrasion and cold weather. They are very flexible and have excellent dimensional stability. Due to their low crystallinity they are not affected by traditional environmental stress cracking. Extrusion-welded and can be patched using a heat gun.


Chemically inert and intrinsically flexible polymer that does not require plasticizers. The excellent conformability of fPP liners enables extra shear interface points for maximum holding power on side slopes. Their ability to be factory fabricated and folded for transport to the installation site in large ready-to-use surfaces, offers a significant reduction in field seaming compared to the more rigid types of geomembranes.

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